Discover and maximize your land’s potential with Orange Shark. Our team guides you through planning complexities, offering personalized, transparent solutions for successful development outcomes.

At Orange Shark Land Division, our in-house planning and technical teams are dedicated to discovering and maximizing property development opportunities. We work hand in hand with landowners, guiding them through the complexities of the planning process to achieve successful results.

Our personalized approach extends to individuals, public sectors, farmers, and corporate entities. We prioritize direct, one-on-one interactions, ensuring that when you seek to unlock your land’s development potential, you speak directly to a dedicated representative.

Throughout the stages of land promotion and planning, our team upholds professionalism, fostering confidence in both landowners and planners. Our core belief in the pivotal role of communication sets us apart, ensuring transparency and collaboration every step of the way.

Understanding the unique qualities of each potential site, our creative team employs a tailored design approach. This bespoke method enables us to focus on surpassing expectations and maximizing outcomes, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence.

LandMax Process: A Collaborative Journey

In the following steps and accompanying video, we meticulously outline the four integral stages of our process. 


Site Identification
This initial stage involves identifying potential land opportunities suitable for development or sale.


Assigning the Correct Team
Once a potential site is identified, the appropriate team members are assigned to assess, evaluate, and strategize for the optimal utilization or marketing of the land.


This stage encompasses the planning and development process, including obtaining necessary permissions, designing layouts, and preparing for potential construction or sale.


After the planning phase, we implement tailored marketing strategies to attract interested parties such as developers, investors, or buyers, aiming to maximize the land's potential value and secure beneficial partnerships or sales.
Upon receiving planning permission, we collaborate closely with landowners and their representatives to promote the land within our vast network of housebuilders and developers. We implement tailored marketing approaches for each site and engage in competitive bidding procedures to ensure the land is sold to a trustworthy delivery partner, aiming to maximize the return on the sale.

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